At Best Dog Care our Mission is to work with our clients to positively impact the quality of life for each and every dog that we serve. We strive to achieve the best standards and are determined to continually improve and provide a place of solitude for dogs everywhere.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Individualized Dog Care

We recognize that each dog is unique so by working together with our clients we will accomplish the specific needs of every dog every day.

  • Total Wellness

We work to enhance the complete well-being of each dog by offering all the keys to dog health and happiness. This includes exercise, socialization, behavior training, nutrition, grooming, and health care.

  • Education

We offer expert guidance that will help our clients enjoy long loving and healthy relationships with their dogs.

Our Core Values

Be Dog Care Driven

  • Do what is in the best interests of the dog first
  • Provide safety, comfort, and happiness

Get the Details Right

  • Execute instructions flawlessly and to completion
  • Over-communicate all information related to dog and client care
  • Document information immediately and accurately
  • Make decisions based on facts

Execute Successfully

  • Be proactive
  • Take ownership for our actions and responsibilities
  • Create solutions, not problems
  • Use mistakes as learning opportunities (NEVER look to assess blame)

Empathize with Clients

  • Treat all with compassion (no judgments)
  • Be honest and transparent in everything we do

Set Our Teammates Up for Success

  • Train and develop other associates
  • Appreciate each other's differences and unique roles in our success
  • Love what you do

We invite you to learn more about our continuously evolving journey and how we achieve to set new standards everyday for excellence and perfection.

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