Grooming & Spa

Dog grooming is very vital because the physical appearance of your dog influences the way the pooch feels and the way we look at them as well. Dog grooming is essential not only for your pet’s physical health but also for their physiological and psychological well being. What your dog feels and how it acts depend on their physical state. If your dog is not properly groomed, just like us humans they will feel stressed and show some unwanted behaviors such as scratching, licking, excessive barking and even sometime aggression. Remember, a clean dog is a happy and healthy dog !

Am I beautiful??

Here at Best Dog Care Grooming & Spa we are not only dog groomers, but we are also stylists. Our stylists are more focused on hand dry and scissoring your dog by providing styles that are most suitable for your pets. We use high quality shampoo and filtered water to get your dog the most sensational experience spa it will ever experienced.

**All our grooming is by Appointment ONLY!! Please Call 416-293-6686**